R-507 11,3kg
Refrigerant Gas



The refrigerant R507 is a blend of HFC 125 and HFC 143a. It has not relevant ODP and it can be considered as a possible alternative to the refrigerant R 22 and to the refrigerant R 502 both in new systems and in those awaiting conversion.

ASHRAE designation and safety classification
R 507 – HFC blend
Safety group A1
Medium-low temperature applications

  • Refrigeration
    – commercial
    refrigerated counters and ice making plants, refrigerated vending machines, refrigerated warehouses
    – industrial
    refrigeration systems for the processing industry, chillers
    – domestic
    freezers and domestic refrigerators
  • Refrigerated transports


  • POE
    lubricant based on polyol esters mostly used by manufacturers of compressors


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Refrigerant Gas

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