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Frequently asked questions

Is there a law regulation for the purchase and use of fluorinated gases in the European Union?

I am a professional or a specialized company and have a license (a fluorinated gas manipulator card), can I order refrigeration gas?

Yes, without any problem, as long as you present the documents that allow the treatment of fluorinated gases.

I am a private company and don’t have a license (a fluorinated gas treatment license) can I order refrigeration gas for resale?

Yes, you can buy without any problem as long as you declare that the product will be used for activities that are not included in the regulations in Article 10 of the CEE517/ 2014 law. This way the client assumes full responsibility for the consequences of false declaration.

Can you pay with cash?

No, all orders from the website are made by bank transfer.

Can you send/ export outside the European Union/ the Canary Islands?

This is not possible.

How are the products packaged?

All products are delivered in cardboard, large quantities are usually delivered in EURO- PALLET.

In case I need large quantities, how can I contact you for a personal offer?

We can offer wholesale discounts. To get a personalized quote, contact us through our email and provide all the details of your company, what gas you need and the exact amount you want to buy.

Is the cooling gas in the bottles new or recycled?

All of our products are new, including cold- gas bottles, which are filled with fresh pure gas. We don’t sell recovered gases!

Do you have customer service by phone?

We do not answer calls at the moment but we have assistance by email and WhatsApp.

Is the tax included in the price of the product?

Some remote areas (especially the small islands of France, Italy or Portugal and some small mountain towns) require a supplement, but it cannot be calculated automatically by the shopping cart. In this case, we will contact you to determine the additional cost. In case you do not want to pay any supplement, we can cancel the order and return the money immediately.

Can you buy without VAT?

The prices are already without VAT. Our company is an intra-community operator, so sales are made without the application of local VAT.

Can I replace R404a with another gas?

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